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Designing a logo and brand identity that showcases the sophistication of electrician services for a Strasbourg company.



In the bustling city of Strasbourg, Elec, with strategic guidance from Veenest, embarked on a mission to redefine the image of electrician services by infusing sophistication and style. This case study explores the transformative journey of Elec in designing a logo and brand identity that highlights the refined and sophisticated nature of their electrical services within the unique context of Strasbourg.


Elec, in collaboration with Veenest, faced the challenge of standing out in a field where branding often emphasized reliability over aesthetics, especially in the dynamic city of Strasbourg. The challenge was to communicate not only the technical expertise but also the elegance and sophistication inherent in the quality of their electrical services. Designing a logo and brand identity that captured this essence while maintaining professionalism was crucial in the vibrant business landscape of Strasbourg.


With Veenest providing strategic expertise, Elec enlisted graphic designers and branding specialists familiar with the Strasbourg market. The brand development process began with a comprehensive exploration of the core values and unique selling propositions that set Elec apart from traditional electrician services in Strasbourg.

The logo, the cornerstone of the brand identity, was designed to convey both the precision and sophistication of Elec. Clean lines, modern typography, and a carefully chosen color palette were combined to evoke a sense of professionalism and elegance relevant to Strasbourg's diverse clientele. The use of metallic tones added a touch of sophistication, symbolizing the quality and precision associated with the brand.

Beyond the logo, the brand identity extended to various touchpoints, including business cards, stationery, and digital assets tailored for the Strasbourg audience. Consistent use of design elements and colors created a cohesive visual identity that reinforced the sophistication of Elec across all brand materials.

The brand's messaging and tone were refined to align with the concept of elegance, taking into consideration the cultural nuances of Strasbourg. Website content, marketing materials, and social media captions were carefully crafted to convey not only technical expertise but also the elevated and refined approach Elec brought to electrical services within the Strasbourg market.


The implementation of the new logo and brand identity, guided by Veenest, proved transformative for Elec in Strasbourg. The brand successfully repositioned itself as a provider of sophisticated and elegant electrical services, differentiating from the conventional image of electricians in the city.

The logo became a recognizable symbol of precision and style, resonating with both existing and potential clients in Strasbourg. The refined brand identity extended the perception of Elec beyond the technical aspects of electrical work, attracting clients in Strasbourg who sought a combination of expertise and sophistication.

Consistent branding across various platforms contributed to increased brand recognition in Strasbourg. Elec's online presence saw improved engagement as the sophisticated visual identity captivated Strasbourg audiences and communicated the brand's commitment to quality within the local context.

The redefined brand identity, with Veenest's strategic input, positioned Elec as a preferred choice for clients in Strasbourg who not only valued technical proficiency but also sought an elevated and elegant approach to electrical services. Client testimonials and positive reviews reflected the successful transformation of the brand's image within the Strasbourg market.


Elec's case study, guided by the strategic expertise of Veenest, illustrates the impact of a carefully crafted logo and brand identity in reshaping the perception of electrician services in Strasbourg. The journey underscores the importance of visual elements and messaging in conveying sophistication and elegance, ultimately setting Elec apart in the competitive and vibrant market of Strasbourg.

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