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Prints that Speak Volumes

Explore the journey of how Veenest transformed the advertising landscape for Dullac, a prominent printing company nestled in the heart of La Seyne, France



Dullac, a distinguished printing company based in La Seyne, France, sought to revitalize its brand image and reach a broader audience. Turning to Veenest's creative expertise, the objective was to craft an impactful advertising campaign that would showcase Dullac's printing prowess in a visually stunning and engaging manner.


The primary goal was to leverage Veenest's creative skills to produce a compelling video advertisement that not only highlighted Dullac's printing services but also set them apart in the competitive market.


  1. Creative Conceptualization: Collaborating closely with Dullac, Veenest conceptualized a creative theme that would resonate with the target audience. The aim was to showcase the precision and vibrancy of Dullac's print services.

  2. Multimedia Integration: In addition to visually striking graphics, Veenest introduced multimedia elements to enhance the video. A carefully crafted voiceover was added, providing a narrative that complemented the visuals and effectively communicated Dullac's commitment to quality printing.

  3. Strategic Messaging: Ensured that the messaging aligned with Dullac's brand identity and emphasized key strengths. The script and visuals were carefully curated to convey a message that resonated with the audience and highlighted the unique value propositions of Dullac's services.

  4. Targeted Advertisement Placement: Identified and utilized platforms that would maximize the reach of the video advertisement to the intended audience, ensuring optimal exposure and engagement.


The collaboration between Veenest and Dullac yielded impactful results:

  1. Engaging Video Advertisement: The multimedia-rich video captured attention and effectively communicated Dullac's printing capabilities, setting them apart as a leader in the industry.

  2. Increased Brand Visibility: The strategic placement of the advertisement led to increased brand visibility, reaching a wider audience and fostering greater awareness of Dullac's services.

  3. Positive Audience Response: The combination of visuals, voiceover, and strategic messaging resulted in a positive audience response, generating interest and inquiries about Dullac's printing services.

Financial Impact:

The enhanced brand visibility and positive audience response translated into tangible business outcomes. Dullac reported a notable increase in client inquiries and a 15% growth in revenue within the campaign period.


Veenest's creative brilliance and strategic multimedia integration successfully elevated Dullac's advertising campaign, turning it into a dynamic showcase of their printing expertise. This case study highlights the power of multimedia storytelling in amplifying brand messages and driving real business results. The collaboration between Veenest and Dullac stands as a testament to the transformative impact of creative innovation in the realm of advertising and brand communication.

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