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Flooring Fabulousness

How Veenest Transformed a Local Flooring Retailer in Austin, Texas



Flooring Fabulousness (FF): A family-owned flooring company in Austin, Texas, had established a strong reputation for high-quality hardwood flooring and exceptional customer service. However, CEO Michael was facing a concerning trend: stagnating revenue growth. While FF consistently received positive reviews, they struggled to attract new customers in a competitive market dominated by big-box stores offering lower-cost alternatives.

The Pain Points:

  1. Educating Customers on Value: FF knew hardwood offered long-term value, but budget-conscious customers were easily swayed by cheaper options.

  2. Limited Customer Acquisition: FF relied on word-of-mouth and local advertising, failing to reach a wider audience in the digital age.

Partnering with Veenest:

Recognizing the need for a digital marketing strategy, FF partnered with Veenest, a data-driven growth partner specializing in the home improvement industry. Veenest conducted a comprehensive market analysis, uncovering valuable insights:

  • Target Audience: Environmentally conscious homeowners aged 35-55 with an interest in home improvement projects.

  • Content Gap: Lack of online content educating consumers about the benefits of hardwood flooring compared to cheaper alternatives.

  • Limited Online Presence: FF's website was outdated and lacked search engine optimization (SEO).

Veenest's Solution:

A multi-pronged digital marketing strategy was implemented:

  1. Content Marketing: Veenest developed a series of blog posts, infographics, and video guides highlighting the long-term value proposition of hardwood flooring. Content focused on durability, sustainability (sourcing practices, eco-friendly finishes), and increased home value.

  2. Targeted Social Media Ads: Compelling visuals showcasing beautiful hardwood installations were paired with targeted social media ads reaching the identified demographic on Facebook and Instagram. Ads directed users to informative blog posts on FF's website.

  3. Website Optimization: Veenest revamped FF's website, improving user experience and implementing SEO best practices. Keyword research ensured the website ranked higher in local search results for relevant terms like "Austin hardwood flooring" and "sustainable flooring options."


Within the first six months of the campaign, FF saw a significant increase in key metrics:

  • Website Traffic: Increased by 300%, with a higher percentage of users reaching the website through organic search.

  • Lead Generation: Qualified leads generated through the website tripled.

  • Sales Growth: Revenue increased by 25%, exceeding initial projections.

Client Satisfaction:

Michael, CEO of Flooring Fabulousness, is thrilled with the results: "Veenest helped us bridge the gap between our exceptional service and reaching the right customers online. The informative content, targeted advertising, and improved website have made a huge difference. We're now attracting more qualified leads and showcasing the true value of hardwood flooring to a wider audience."


Flooring Fabulousness' success story demonstrates the power of a well-executed digital marketing strategy. By addressing the client's pain points of educating customers and attracting new leads, Veenest helped FF achieve significant revenue growth and solidify its position as a leading Austin hardwood flooring specialist.

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