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About Veenest

Veenest harnesses a strategic blend of creativity and precision analytics, sculpting a dynamic landscape for marketing and promotion that defies convention.

Our Story

Born to Break Through the Noise: Veenest - Your Marketing Solution

Veenest isn't your typical marketing agency. We started in 2017 with a mission: to cut through the clutter and propel businesses in essential industries forward. Founder Fred Thomas saw the struggle in sectors like home improvement, real estate, and healthcare. Outdated marketing wasn't delivering results, leaving businesses stuck.

That's where Veenest comes in. We saw the pain points:

  • Standing out in crowded marketplaces (home improvement, real estate)

  • Connecting with the right audience (healthcare)

  • Demonstrating value in a competitive landscape (all industries)

We built our team of passionate experts to address these challenges head-on. Each member brings unique skills to the table, united by a single goal: craft tailored marketing solutions that deliver a competitive edge and unleash explosive growth for your business.

What we believe

At Veenest, we're all about delivering results that fuel your business growth. We partner with brands that share our passion for progress and innovation.

Our team combines a methodical marketing framework with a data-driven sales background. This translates to:

  • Strategic blueprints: We don't just wing it. We create customized plans built for success.

  • Measurable results: Forget the guesswork. We track key metrics like ROI, engagement, and publicity, so you see exactly what's working.

  • Transparency every step of the way: We believe in clear communication. You'll understand your marketing spend and projected returns, ensuring you're always in the loop.

Our goal is simple: turn your vision into a marketing powerhouse that delivers explosive results. Let's ditch the outdated strategies and focus on what truly moves the needle for your business.

What we do

Veenest is dedicated to propelling your business into a realm of growth that transcends traditional channels. Our expertise lies in navigating this dynamic marketing landscape with familiarity and innovation.

Our primary objective is to deliver immediate and sustained results for your business. Crafting diverse campaigns tailored to your specific goals and revenue expectations, we prioritize efficiency through continuous production and evaluation of reports. These reports encompass advertising costs, generated revenue, Return on Investment (ROI), and social media metrics. Transparency remains a priority, facilitated through a dedicated Slack channel for each client, ensuring easy access to data and seamless communication with our team.

Our approach begins with a comprehensive review of your business, identifying key elements such as your message, brand identity, and short- and long-term goals. Subsequently, our team crafts a detailed advertising and growth plan, charting a precise course toward the success you envision. This encompasses an immediate boost in patient/client volume through online advertising, social media-driven awareness and conversion, organic growth via SEO, and enhanced brand legitimacy and publicity through media publications.

We place strong emphasis on the potency of referral marketing. Whether through B2B marketing and direct referrals from other businesses or by elevating brand awareness and publicity through media outreach and PR, we expand your marketing outreach to a broader and more diverse network.

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