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Garage Door Glory

Revolutionizing the digital presence of a garage door business in Denver yielding: Increased Website Traffic by 500%, tripled Conversion Rate and market Share increased by 20%



A reputable garage door company in Denver, Colorado, was struggling to keep up with the competition. While they boasted a team of highly skilled technicians and offered exceptional customer service, their marketing efforts relied heavily on traditional methods like flyers and local print ads. This limited their reach and made it difficult to compete with larger companies with a stronger online presence.

The Pain Points:

  1. Limited Brand Awareness: They lacked a strong digital presence, hindering their ability to reach potential customers actively searching for garage door services online.

  2. Losing Customers to National Chains: National competitors with extensive online marketing budgets dominated local search results, attracting customers despite their superior service and local expertise.

Partnering with Veenest:

Recognizing the need for a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, They partnered with Veenest, a data-driven growth partner specializing in the home improvement industry. Veenest conducted a thorough market analysis, uncovering valuable insights:

  • Target Audience: Homeowners in the Denver metro area looking for garage door repair, replacement, or installation.

  • Local Search Ranking Issues: Their website wasn't optimized for local search, making it difficult for potential customers to find them online.

  • Undervalued Expertise: Their website failed to showcase their team's qualifications and the benefits of choosing a local, experienced company over national chains.

Veenest's Solution:

A data-driven digital marketing strategy was implemented to address these challenges:

  1. Local SEO Optimization: Veenest optimized their website with relevant keywords to improve local search ranking for terms like "Denver garage door repair" and "garage door replacement Denver." This ensured Strong Door appeared at the top of search results for potential customers in their service area.

  2. Targeted Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Ads: Strategic PPC campaigns on search engines and social media platforms like Facebook directed homeowners actively searching for garage door services in Denver to their website.

  3. Content Marketing for Trust Building: A series of blog posts were created addressing common garage door problems, maintenance tips, and the advantages of using a local company with a proven track record. This content established the company as a trusted resource for homeowners and differentiated them from national chains.

  4. Customer Testimonial Videos: Short video testimonials from satisfied customers were incorporated into the website and social media platforms, highlighting their commitment to quality service and customer satisfaction.


Within a year of implementing the new strategy, they secured a significant lead in the Denver market:

  • Increased Website Traffic by 500%: Improved SEO and targeted ads led to a dramatic rise in qualified leads reaching their website.

  • Tripled Conversion Rate: Informative content, customer testimonials, and a user-friendly website instilled trust, leading to a much higher percentage of website visitors contacting the comapany for service.

  • Market Share Increased by 20%: The combined effect of increased leads, a higher conversion rate, and a stronger online presence helped them capture a significant share of the Denver garage door service market.

Client Satisfaction:

David, owner of the garage door company, is impressed with the results: "Veenest helped us transform our online presence and compete effectively in a crowded market. Now, potential customers find us easily, learn about our expertise, and trust us to handle their garage door needs. We're no longer just a local company – we're a leader in the Denver market."


This success story showcases how a data-driven digital marketing strategy, implemented by a growth partner like Veenest, can empower local companies to overcome common challenges and thrive in the competitive home improvement industry. By leveraging SEO, targeted PPC ads, and informative content, this company secured a leading position and continues to deliver exceptional service to homeowners in the Denver area.

Ready to elevate your brand and leave lasting impression?

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