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Pioneering Precision Health Medicine in France

Santé Prédictive Gains Precision with Veenest's Data-Driven Marketing Strategy



Santé Prédictive, a pioneering precision health company in Lyon, France, was struggling to reach the target audience for their innovative genetic testing kits. While their technology offered a personalized approach to health and disease prevention, traditional marketing methods weren't resonating with the health-conscious demographic they aimed to serve.

The Pain Points:

  1. Educating Consumers on a New Concept: The concept of genetic testing for preventative healthcare was relatively new in France. Santé Prédictive needed to educate potential customers about the benefits of personalized health insights.

  2. Reaching the Right Audience: Generic marketing campaigns weren't effectively reaching the specific demographic most interested in precision health – tech-savvy individuals concerned about preventative measures.

Partnering with Veenest:

Recognizing the need for a targeted approach, Santé Prédictive partnered with Veenest, a data-driven growth partner experienced in the European healthcare and wellness market. Veenest conducted a comprehensive market analysis to understand the French consumer landscape:

  • Target Audience: Tech-savvy French citizens aged 35-55 with an interest in preventative healthcare and personalized wellness solutions.

  • Content Gap: Lack of readily available, trustworthy information about genetic testing and its role in preventative healthcare.

  • Limited Brand Awareness: Santé Prédictive's brand recognition was low compared to established healthcare providers.

Veenest's Solution:

A multi-pronged content marketing and social media strategy was implemented:

  1. French-language Educational Content: Veenest developed a library of informative blog posts, infographics, and videos in French, addressing common questions about genetic testing, the benefits of preventative healthcare, and the science behind Santé Prédictive's technology.

  2. Social Media Outreach on Trusted Platforms: Targeted social media campaigns on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, popular among the target audience, disseminated the educational content and promoted Santé Prédictive's services. Influencer marketing partnerships with French health and wellness personalities further amplified the message.

  3. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) for Awareness: Strategic keyword research and SEM campaigns ensured Santé Prédictive appeared at the top of search results for relevant French terms like "test génétique santé préventive" (genetic testing preventative health).


Within a year of the campaign launch, Santé Prédictive saw significant growth in brand awareness and lead generation:

  • Increased Website Traffic by 450%: Informative content in French attracted a large audience interested in learning more about precision health.

  • Qualified Lead Generation Up by 300%: Targeted social media campaigns and SEM efforts directed highly relevant leads to Santé Prédictive's website.

  • Increased Brand Recognition by 25%: The combined effect of informative content, social media outreach, and strategic online advertising significantly boosted brand awareness among the target demographic.

Client Satisfaction:

Dr. Claire Dubois, co-founder of Santé Prédictive, is thrilled with the results: "Veenest helped us navigate the unique challenges of marketing precision health in the French market.  Their data-driven approach and focus on French-language educational content resonated perfectly with our target audience. Now, we're experiencing tremendous growth and empowering individuals to take control of their health through personalized genetic insights."


Santé Prédictive's success story exemplifies the power of a data-driven marketing strategy tailored to the specific needs of a new and evolving healthcare niche. By partnering with Veenest, Santé Prédictive gained a competitive edge, educated the French public about precision health, and positioned itself as a leader in the preventative healthcare revolution.

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